Sound Design & Music

In my sound design & music showreel you can see my work for the two mobile games Deep Sea Adventure and Holey TrapZ.

The first game is a side-scrolling endless runner set in the deep sea. The player collects coins that can be used to buy various items such as power-ups, skins and loot boxes. I designed the sounds in the higher frequency range so that they are reminiscent of sparkling treasures. As a counterbalance, I composed a soundtrack that covers the low to medium range and sounds as if you were listening to it underwater.

The second game is a mix of a cartoonish medieval zombie slasher with a slight dash of silliness. So I layered more realistic sounds without losing the goofy vibe, especially with the zombies. While jamming with a harpsichord to a modern drum groove, I found the perfect soundtrack for it.

More Music

City Blocks Side Gang is a 2D puzzle game with multiple levels. The game developer drew everything herself, so I wanted the soundtrack to include both analog and digital sounds to honor her crafts(wo)manship.

Get chroma’d is the result of hard work and little sleep in a 48- hour game jam. You have to collect blobs to achieve the specified color.  pumping soundtrack sets the right mood to challenge your friends in this multiplayer game.

In Holey TrapZ you slash zombies in an epic, but also slightly goofy style. The soundtrack combines medieval and hip-hop vibes.

The underwater soundtrack of Deep Sea Adventure lets you dream of sunken treasures and sparkling doubloons.